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The following restrictions and approaches apply to the port of Rødbyhavn. If you require any further information, please contact ALFR. HOVMAND A/S.

54 39 N - 11 21 E
Draft Maximum draft 4.5 m
LOA restrictions Maximum LOA 90.0m
Anchorage Anchoring prohibited off the South coast of Lolland SW of Hyllekrog owing to the existence of submarine cables at a distance of 1.5 to 2.0 miles bearing S.E. - S.S.E. of approaching buoy, depth of water is 10.0 m.
Approach See map
Rødbyhavn SW light buoy, equipped with a racon, is moored about 1 mile SW of the harbour entrance.
A 1000 m long entrance channel, dredged to 8.5 m (28') and marked by light buoys and light beacons leads NE into the outer harbour from which a short, 30 m wide and 5 m (16') deep channel branches N to the commercial basin.
Special Regulations for narrow channels in Danish waters are in force with the exception that vessels intending to leave the harbour must await the arrival of an in-coming vessel. Vessels entering must sound one long blast when approaching the entrance between the moleheads. Prior to entering the harbour, vessel is to call "Rødby Ferry Station" over channel 74.

Contact ALFR. HOVMAND A/S earliest possible, and latest 24 hours prior ETA or at departure from last port for timely information to stevedorers and port authorities.

Pilot Not compulsory. Apply earliest possible to ALFR. HOVMAND A/S in order to arrange pilot.
Tides and currents Tide range is about 0.6 m, but the sea level may be lowered up to 1.2 m during strong winds from SW, while gale from NE may raise it by up to 1.5 m.
Ice The port is usually open all the year round.


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