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The following restrictions and approaches apply to the port of Nakskov. If you require any further information, please contact ALFR. HOVMAND A/S.



54° 49,9´ N. 11° 07,8´E



Draft between 5,8 - 7,5 m



LOA restrictions

153 m


Beam restrictions          

21 m



Smaller vessels can find good anchorages on Albue Roads, or Enehoeje with depths of 4.5-5.5m.



Vessels to call 'Nakskov Port Authority' on Channel 16 for permission to enter port.



A 6 mile long buoyed and partly lighted channel dredged to a depth of 8.5 m over a bottom width of 40 m leads through Nakskov Fjord into the harbour. Max speed in the channel is 5 knots

Night navigation may be possible for smaller vessels under favourable conditions, provided they are fitted with a searchlight and in possession of local knowledge. Maximum permitted draft is 0.50 m less than draft for each berth stipulated above.



Contact ALFR. HOVMAND A/S earliest possible, and latest 24 hours prior ETA or at departure from last port for timely information to stevedorers and port authorities.



Pilot compulsory by loa 130 mtr or above, beam 20 mtr or above, draft 6,6 mtr or above.
Apply earliest possible to ALFR. HOVMAND A/S in order to arrange pilot. Pilots board vessels outside the island Enehoeje.
Tugs are obtainable and can be arranged by ALFR. HOVMAND A/S.

Tides & currents

The tidal range is about 0.6 m, but the sea level may drop by up to 1.0 m with strong winds from SW and W, while gales from NE and E may raise it by up to 1.5 m.


The port is normally open all the year round.


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