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The following restrictions and approaches apply to the port of Bandholm. If you require any further information, please contact ALFR. HOVMAND A/S.

54 50 N - 11 30 E
Port entrance: 5.60 m b.w. at mean tide
East quay: 5.30 m b.w. at mean tide
West quay: 4.10 m b.w. at mean tide
Mid jetty: 5.30 m b.w. at mean tide
LOA restrictions Up to 128 m (depending on draft).
Beam restrictions About 15 m
Anchorage There is a sheltered anchorage with depths of 10-13 m E of Lindholm  island.
Approach See map
The fairway buoy, Staaldyb light and bell buoy, is moored 3 miles west of the island Vejrø. From this buoy, the channel leads SE for about 12 miles to the inner anchorage, east of Lindholm island, thereafter a 3 mile long buoyed three-leg channel with a depth of 5.60 m leads into the harbour.128 m turning basin in the harbour depending on draft. Maximum permitted draft for vessels 5.30 m b.w. in the whole port expect at West quay which has max. permitted draft of 4.20 m b.w. 

Contact ALFR. HOVMAND A/S earliest possible, and latest 24 hours prior ETA or at departure from last port for timely information to stevedorers and port authorities.

Pilot Not compulsory. Apply earliest possible to ALFR. HOVMAND A/S in order to arrange pilot.
Tides and currents Tide variation normally 0.4 m - strong winds might lower or raise sea level.
Ice Normally, navigation will not be obstructed by ice. However, when fast-ice covers the southern part of Smaalands Sea for some weeks, entry is not always possible without ice-breaker assistance. Please contact ALFR. HOVMAND A/S for further information.


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